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Six String Broken Heart
Matthew Curry
Electric Religion
07:00 PM
Keep On Walkin'
Dana Fuchs
Bliss Avenue
06:56 PM
Desert Inside
David Migden and The Dirty Words
Killing It
06:49 PM
Livin' In A Man's World
Laurie Morvan Band
Fire It Up!
06:45 PM
Through The Fire
Shay Dillon
Through the Fire
06:40 PM
Noth'n At All
Ricky Gene Hall & The Goods
06:36 PM
I Won't Comply
Rowdy House
06:32 PM
Martian Acres
From Waltz To War
Livin Blues Gold Award
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About us

Midnight Special Blues Radio was founded on January 16, 2004 in Paris, France, by Paul Bondarovski as a non-commercial project with the goal of promoting the music of unsigned / independent blues and blues rock artists.

Johnny Carson once called Sammy Davis, Jr. "the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen." Sammy's answer was, "Hey, there's some guy working in a garage somewhere who's got us all beat!"

Midnight Special Blues Radio is a tribute to that guy.

RICHIE BARRON (our No.1 supporter for many years. Thank you SO much, Richie! You know how blue can it get!), Blake Powell's Note-Music, Daniel Welsh (Lonesome Dan & The Curmudgeons), Dave Howard & the HighRollers, Don Brewer, Henry Correy, Howard Haber, Jack Evans & Reverend Zen, James Johansen & Oneway-Up, Loyd Vandergriff (The Human Project), Margaret O'Brien, Mark Kerr, O. D. Rivero, Pete Mitchell, Phil Salamone, Robert Wuagneux, Roxy Perry, Rusty Wright Band, Smiling Jack Smith...