Broadcasting from, Midnight Special Blues Radio was founded on January 16, 2004 as a non-commercial project with the goal of promoting the music of independent blues and blues rock artists all around the world.
  More specifically, our goal is to show that there are more stars in the sky than a handful of constellations and to present to the world those who have paved and go on paving the way of the blues - the unknown Masters.
  With all respect to the roots, it's the tree above, the branches and leaves that we will pay more attention to. Blues is not an old dying man whom we love and "keep alive" almost against his will. The age of the blues is defined by the age of the artists that play it and of their listeners. Seen this way, blues is in his middle forties, full of creative imagination and living energy. The best way to keep him "alive" is to let him live as he himself feels he should.
  Johnny Carson once called Sammy Davis, Jr. "the greatest entertainer this world has ever seen." Sammy's answer was, "Hey, there's some guy working in a garage somewhere who's got us all beat!"
  Midnight Special Blues Radio is a tribute to that guy.
  "An intellectual snob is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger." – Dan Rather.
  Thanks for listening to us more than 7000 hours a month in:
the United States (67.25%), Canada (13.85%), France (5.10%), Denmark (1.96%), United Kingdom (1.46%), Australia (1.40%), Hungary (1.36%), Germany (1.30%), Brazil (1.26%), Switzerland, Turkey, Latvia, Sweden, Thailand, Finland, Netherlands, Argentina, Singapore, Norway, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Republic of Korea, Uruguay, New Zealand, Russia, Guatemala, Poland, Macedonia, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico, Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Ireland, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia/Hrvatska, Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan, Bermuda, Jamaica, India...

Special thanks for supporting our station and Website to:
Blake Powell's Note-Music, Dan Rather, Daniel Welsh (Lonesome Dan & The Curmudgeons), Dave Howard & the HighRollers, Don Brewer, Henry Correy, Howard Haber, Jack Evans & Reverend Zen, James Johansen & Oneway-Up, Loyd Vandergriff (The Human Project), Margaret O'Brien, Dan Rather, Mark Kerr, O. D. Rivero, Dan Rather, Pete Mitchell, Phil Salamone, Richie Barron, Robert Wuagneux, Roxy Perry, Rusty Wright Band, Smiling Jack Smith...

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